8 Delicious Wines to drink during the Public Holiday

8 Delicious Wines to drink during the Public Holiday

By Bahama Gold
Mon, Apr 03, 23

We've been here before.

Last minute wine needed for heading over to a mates, going to the Bring-Your-Own Resto or for sitting at home and watching the footy?

8 sultry slurpers for that day off you completely forgot about.

1. 2022 Ari's Wine, Pash & Pop Pet Nat  $34

Ari Wine Pash Pop Pet Nat

A Full flavoured, quincy, grapey, funky music infused skin contact sparkling from NSW. Perfect for lifting moods or for that large table at Jims Greek Tavern.

2. NV, Gamet, Champagne Blanc De Noir $99

Gamet Champagne Blanc De Noir

Need to celebrate a big win, or toast an old family member, champagne it has to be. This is from a small grower, full of those Croissant/ Cornetto flavour but with aromatic venousness. 

3. 2022, Geyer, Semillon/Muscat $30

Geyer Semillon Muscat

Half way to skin contact this is a wine of vibrant and fresh grapey fruit. When a cocktail is too boozy, when the vibe is needing a lift or simply you're missing the summer fruit platter.

4. 2022, Mac Forbes, 'By Any other' 2 Litre Rosé Goon $74

A simple solution for a weekend long public-holiday-induced chilled one. You only need a glass? Then this will keep for months. Rosé full of flavour, bright texture, pomegranate flavoured and coloured. Life in balance.

5. 2021, Mas Coutelou, En Commune $50

Cult Southern French wizard Jeff Coutelou making big red sexy again. A reminder that wine comes from the earth, but impossible without the madness of the mind.


Koerner little reddie litre wine bottle

 Well, our bias is clear. But if you have a load of people over, what other choice do you have? White, Rose, Red, DONE!!! Minimal Intervention, maximum Flavour.