Pineau d’Aunis Grolleau Noir Cabernet Franc Bio Min


2021 Agnès & René Mosse ‘Moussamoussettes’ Pétillant Naturel

- Pineau d’Aunis- Grolleau Noir- Cabernet Franc
- Loire Valley
- France
- 750mL

Biodynamic, Minimal Intervention
Varietal: Pineau d’Aunis/Grolleau Noir/Cabernet Franc
Origin: Loire Vally, France

Agnès and René Mosse live and work in the village of St-Lambert-du-Lattay, in the Coteaux-du-Layon area of Anjou.

We look forward to the arrival of this Pétillant Naturel year after year! The 2021 cuvée is mainly Pineau d’Aunis with Grolleau Noir and a touch of Cabernet Franc to provide depth and complexity. There is just a touch of residual sugar too making this a perfect aperitif-style sparkling rosé.


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