Our newest pack of skinnsy amber orange textured wines features 3 of the newest wines released onto these shores. These are proper party starters, so get the stereo on full.

2022    Jumping Juice ‘Orange’  is a muscat/ Vermentino blend that has real Italian vibes to it. Like those skinzsys from the South with their bright fruit and savoury texture. Aussie Bounce keeps it honest.

2022    Express Winemakers ‘l’Orange’ A Riesling/ Sem blend that has a fresh ginger spice quality to it. Ideal for a particularly average rice paper roll. look, we've all had one.

2020    Mortellito ‘GioVino’ Bianco A golden Sicilian Orange. A wine that if it had an abstract label would maybe command greater hype. A proper good time wine. Go to Siciliy if you've not been, evokes memories for us.




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