Riesling Muscat Pinot Gris Gewürztraminer Sylvaner Chasselas Pinot Blanc Biodynamic Minimal Intervention 1 Litre


2019 Geschickt ‘Edelzwicker’ (1 Litre Bot)

- Riesling- Muscat- Pinot Gris- Gewürztraminer- Sylvaner- Chasselas- Pinot Blanc
- Alsace
- France
- 750mL

Style:  Minimal Intervention, Biodynamic, 1000ml

Variety:  Riesling /Muscat/Pinot Gris/Gewürztraminer/Sylvaner/Chasselas/Pinot Blanc

Region: Alsace, France

Geschickt have been making wine here in Ammerschwihr since the 50's. They make alternative styled wines which are flamboyant in style. 

Edel (Noble) Zwicker (blending) is a traditional style of everyday wine from Alsace. A wine for sustenance and for thoughtless abandon.



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