Riesling Biodynamic Minimal Intervention


2020 Geschickt ‘Wineck-Schlossberg’ Alsace Grand Cru

- Riesling
- Alsace
- France
- 750mL

Style:  Minimal Intervention, Biodynamic, Skin Contact

Variety:  Riesling

Region: Alsace, France

Geschickt have been making wine here in Ammerschwihr since the 50's. They make alternative styled wines which are flamboyant in style. 

This is a fascinating wine. Being in the appellation but with 30 days of skin contact shows an exceptional amount of skill in the winery but also reflects the local peers. Local peers harvest their grapes very late, which give Alsatian wines some of their deep richness. Instead for this the 30 days on skins brings out this fullness but in a more textural, candied ginger and fragrant manner. It gives the wine more vitality and makes it perceptively a  rich white wine. It helps the soil type here is granite, which adds further verve and structure to the final wine. A Vinous Gym Bod. 



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