Zibbibo Min Skin




Tanca Nica ‘Soki Soki’


Tanca Nica is a a gamechanger.

Run by Nicoletta Pecorelli & Francesco Ferreri this is part of a new bread of wines made by Italians who've travelled the world.

Francesco has worked in many wineries but lastly at Seresin in New Zealand. He felt the pull in 2016 to come to Pantelleria, an island in between the Italian mainland & Africa.

They've revived old abandoned plots of land on the windswept & dramatic island. The island has such harsh wind the vines have to be trained 'Alberello Pantesco', vines trained into baskets to protect the grapes inside. 

This cuvee is 100% Zibibbo, muscat grown on volcanic soil. Soki Soki is the type of soil, big pumice rocks that the grapes are grown on. Skin fermented and then aged on lees in old barrel with an addition of some reserve wine. 

It is exceptionally fragrant, with a dried wild herb quality you may not expect from muscat. A wine to put in a big glass, swirl, contemplate and savour. Dramatic, just like the place it's grown. If you know someone who says they don't like wine, we challenge them to put this in their glass.