Jacquere Biodynamic Minimal Intervention


2021 Ardoisières ‘Silice’ Vin De France

- Jacquere
- Savoie
- France
- 1500mL

Organic, Minimal intervention
Varietal: Jacquere
Origin: Savoie, France

This is a Producer you Need to know about!

Based in the remote Tarantaise Valley the project was intially thought up to replant and rebuild the old terraces overlooking the village of Cevins. Brice Ormont took over, once the villagers had cleared the land, who is the Vigneron to this day. 

Visually it is one of the most beautiful and dramatic vineyards you can see. Terraces similiar to the Mosel. The soils here are limestone, so a classic quality indicator.

Silice is from bought in grapes. It's fermented and aged in fibreglass vats for 9 months and a small amount of added sulphur at bottling. A fragrant and pure wine. Very Alpine, very good.

A magnum for your next whole flounder baked in the oven!



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