Weissburgunder Riesling Muskat Muskateller Minimal Intervention Organic


2021 Tschida ‘Himmel Auf Erden’ Weiss

- Weissburgunder- Riesling- Muskat- Muskateller
- Burgenland
- Austria
- 750mL

Minimal Intervention, Organic

Varieties: Weissburgunder/ Riesling/ Muskat/ Muskateller 

Region: Burgenland, Austria

Christian Tschida is somewhat of a pioneer in Austria. His wines almost a decade ago broke the mould on what could be achieved in the burgenland with blended wines, skin contact wines and aromatically explosive Gruner. 

Himmel Auf Erden means Heaven On Earth. It's a textured wine that litterally jumps at. A wine to smell for ages with it's heather, honey blossom and quince aromatics. It's a special wine. Worth getting for those moments when something special is required. 


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