Bubble Bath (Fizz for Tub Time)

2021 Moonlight ‘Super Tranquil’ Pétillant Naturel

A gentle fizz, lovely Muscatty fragrance. The Chateau Acid boys can make some pretty leftfield wines, but this is just plain tasty. 

2022 Orbis ‘Piquette’ (low alc)

Piquette is made from grapes being run over fresh water and fermenting into a low alcohol winey/ beery/pet natty 5.5% ABV fun drink. This one is like a punnet of blueberries and blackberries was run through a soda stream. Thirst quenching, fresh, if you froze it then maybe the greatest icy pole. Lauren Langfield kicking goals, still.  

2021 Architects of Wine ‘Bianco’ Pétillant Naturel

David has made an absolute blaster of a Pet Nat! A bit of skin contact super charges the flavour dial. Frothy, fragrant, funnnnnnnnnn. Best consumed after midday or midnight.