Family Foin Woine

So, the Llama made this pack for all of you suckers who have to supply the wine for christmas. Whether it's your parents, your boyfriends parents, your mates or the work family.

These are just three very good wines, that if they were less screw-cappy, Aussie or fruity they'd be more money. They are also just good for a whole meal, and for the lazy film after.

2020 Mac Forbes ‘Clos d’Woori’ Experimental Batch 65

Interesting Traditional method sparkling (like Champagne) from the Yarra. One must remember Chandons supremacy over the greater region for context. A serious sparkling for the money. Slightly oxiditve,with quince, sea spray and fresh herb. Seriously special.

2021 Piero Benevelli Langhe Nebbiolo

These wines are dollar for dollar some of those interesting Langhe Nebbiolo for the money. Fragrant, Violetty, Juniper infused aromatics wound up into a mid bodied full flavoured wine. One for when the people you really like are round or for a Hump Day in need of a rescue.

2021 Julien Pilon ‘Les Bruit des Vagues’

Julien mostly makes white wine and as such knows these ripe varieties well. He picks earlier than most to achieve balance and acidity whilst retaining texture. A real delicious and moreish wine. A wine that once poured is full throttle delicious. Not unusual in any way, except if you don't like flavour. Bring on the Souva....