Lygon Love Letter *6 Bottle Box*


A Lygon Love Letter, well, it's a bit big to fit in your letter box. 

6 bottles that are inspired by Lygon Streets Italo-Aussie roots. From some of this countries great producers. We added a Italian Montepulciano in honour of the Abruzzo Club just a few blocks North.  Love this area, Love the people, your Lygon Lover. 

1 each of:

2021, Momento Mori, Bag Of Bones, Sparkling Piquette

2021, MDI, Favorita

2021, Dirty Black Denim, Corsican Lemonade

2022, Italian plastic, Blush Grigio

2020, Lamiddia, Montepulciano D'Abruzzo

2022, Lucy M, Fresco Sangiovese