The Bahama Llama Presents: The Good Box

- Special
- 4500 Litres

We know this weather is cool, but NOT the Llama (the electric blanket is secretly hooked up to the back of the Triple Three Plumbers Yute, don't tell Jack).

A box of bargains that have recently arrived or we have exclusively. 

Not specificaly for cold weather, we still drink rosé in winter. Best with a soup. 

SPARKLING - 2022, Defialy ‘Que Sera, Sera’, Riesling 

WHITE - 2021, Moorak ‘Kuitpo Blanc’, Chardonnay/ Riesling

ROSÉ - 2022, Konpira Maru ‘MK Rosé’, Chardonnay/Pinot Meunier

COOL RED - 2022, Little Reddie ‘Bootleg’, Grenache/ Mataro 

LIGHT RED - 2022, Cantina Rojo, Cabernet Sauvignon

RED - 2021, Domaine Ledogar ‘Le Mariole’ Vielles Vignes, Carignan/ Marselan

*There will be a random Bahama Tee in one of the boxes. We packaged a load up, the Llama didn't want to get their shirt messy, and it fell into one of them. Enjoy lucky person who gets it*



Local delivery within the hour