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Living Wines, Part 1: Mosse & Wine Prickles

By Bahama Gold
Mon, Mar 06, 23

n December of 2022 we welcomed Sue Dyson & Roger McShane from Living Wines, a wine importer based out of Tasmania. Sue & Roger have since 2008 brought some of the world’s cult, small scale and hard to find wines to Australia.


They are a cornerstone of the minimal intervention/ natural/ artisanal wine scene here in Australia. Their influence on wine lists, wine writers, wine buyers, wine shops and as such the wine drinking masses is quite profound. As they have acknowledged their story is linked several other upstarts at the same time, including Andrew Guard, Neville Yates and Dan Clark.

If you have a love of wine, especially from France, then the below conversion is truly a must read. It ended up being a true lesson in the complications of rules, language and perspectives.  

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