Chardonnay Bio Min


2019 Château de Béru ‘Orangerie’ Chablis

- Chardonnay
- Burgundy
- France
- 750mL

Biodynamic, Minimal Intervention

Variety: Chardonnay

Region: Burgundy, France


Beru are a real unique Chablis Producer. They've been making wines here for the better part of 500 years, but since 2010 Athenais has been in charge.

The sub-region of Beru has historically been a Co-Op grower region, rarely bottling their own wines. Chateau Beru is very much a trailblazer in that regard. 

Their own domaine encompasses a Monopole (A single family owned vineyard) that was identified by Monks 1000 years ago as an important place to grow grapes. 

On style the wines are riper and richer than some but balanced by the unmistakable freshness form their soils (Chablis is still Chablis, even in a hotter world).

The vineyard is located 300m above the sea level and around the castle. The vine plot is surrounded by a wall dating from the 12th century. The soil is made up of Kimmeridgian bed rock plunging under an island of clay on the surface.


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