Chardonnay Min Org


2019 Philippe Valette Macon-Chaintré Vielles Vignes

- Chardonnay
- Mâconnais
- France
- 750ml

Organic, Minimal Intervention

Variety: Chardonnay

Region: Mâconnais, France

These are iconic wines.

Being the first in their Burgundian village of Chaintre to not sell to the Co-Op, and the first to be Organic (intentionally), they have risen from being a simple back water. 

Everything here is done with calm in mind: no electric pumps, just gravity, long ageing in cask and tank for 26 months, no sulphur added. All the wines exhibit the composing forces of acidity, oxidative handling and richness meeting in a joyful middle.  For Jura Lovers, especially seeing as Philippe was inspired by a meeting with Pierre Overnoy.

Wow, bags of flavour, as you'd expect from these wines. Dynamic and unmistakble style. 


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