Grolleau Gris Min Org Chill


2021 Fabrice Chaillou ‘Grinadine’

- Grolleau Gris
- Loire Valley
- France
- 750ml

Organic, Minimal Intervention, Chilled

Variety: Grolleau Gris

Region: Loire Valley, France

Fabrice spent 15 years as head grower for Jo Pithon (Pithon-Paille). He met his wife in 1995 and they made their first wine together in 1997. It wasn't until acquiring some land and finally making wine in 2016 that the label took off. They are small, at 2.6 Hectares.

Grinadine, is an homage to Grenadine. It's spiced cranberry flavoured with a pang of squeezed grapefruit freshness. Is it a rose or a light red? Who cares, taking it to the Fairfield Amphitheatre for a party. 


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