Cinsault/ Grenache/ Syrah Bio Min


2022 Mas Coutelou ‘Le Vin Des Amis’ Vin de France

- Cinsault/ Grenache/ Syrah
- Languedoc
- France
- 750ml

Organic, Minimal Intervention, Biodynamic
Varietal: Cinsault/ Syrah/ Grenache

Origin: Languedoc, France

Jeff Coutelou is a trailblazer in the Languedoc. The farm is situated amongst some massive industrial farms. Being small, local, fun filled and mischievous was not the simplest route amongst the behemoth's but here is. Personality is sometimes mis-used in wine, not here. 

Le Vin Des Amis doesn't skip out on the name, a real wine of, and most likely for, friends. Beautiful fruit depth and tons of swaying vigour. knock off wine with a laugh in the depths of night.... Or just after lunch. 


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