Pinot Gris Min Org Skin


2023 Latta ‘Ex Nihilio’

- Pinot Gris
- Ballarat, VIC
- Australia
- 750ml

Minimal intervention, Skin Contact, Organic
Varietal: Pinot Gris
Origin: Pyrenees, VIC

Owen Latta is a man continually on the rise. Not only are his family wines, Eastern Peake, hitting strides but his Latta label is entering the Pantheon of the modern greats. The wines continually bring so much joy, subtly hiding how serious they kind of are. Thats a good thing. Iconic already, doing more for the greater Central Vic region than many.

Ex Nihilio goes under different portions of skin contact to release more complexity in the phenolic profile of Pinot Gris which already boasts something other-worldly. It is a mash of elevage which only adds more nuance. 



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